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Use your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet to control your whole-body EMS workout via a secure Bluetooth connection. No extra device, just the one you already know. It is affordable 21st-century training technology right in the comfort of your home. E-Fit Connect helps you to rewrite the existing rules of EMS workout.

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For us, freedom is a state where you can express yourself perfectly. The past year was all about limitations in every aspect of our life. Experience life with no boundaries while taking the control literally in your hands.

With this advanced technology, you will be able to be a part of a community while experiencing the ultimate freedom of participating from anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Experience the flexibility provided by E-Fit Connect while working out alone or in a group.

Exercise in the comfort of your home while receiving professional support from an expert studio closest to you. Join the group classes of your favorite instructors no matter where you are. Or train alone and choose from our dozens of training programs and instructional videos.


With professional E-Fit Connect Suit, you will have complete freedom of movement

The professional E-Fit Connect Suit provides:
  • Better feeling while working out
  • Much faster and effortless dressing up and undressing
     (save 2 minutes per workout)
  • Adaptability with state of the art multi-zone electrodes
  • Perfect match with our biocompatible underclothing


Bluetooth offers a wireless connection compatible with all types of smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets. The latest version of secure Bluetooth connection helps to get ready for a workout more effortless than ever before.

Bluetooth (5.X) series is designed to reduce the energy usage of Bluetooth devices that means longer battery life. It uses less power on devices compared to Bluetooth version 4. It offers significant improvements over what came before with 2x the speed, 4x the range, and 8x the amount of transferable data. When it comes to range, version 5.X of Bluetooth supports 200m in line of sight path in an outdoor and 40m in an indoor environment. It has better detection for Wi-Fi and LTE connections.


The newest member of the E-Fit family, E-Fit Connect uses two different types of pairing systems and protocols for connecting to devices. When pairing with E-Fit Infinity, the unit uses peer-to-peer technology to establish communication. To connect to smart devices, it uses the latest secure Bluetooth technology.

The Smart Pairing system enables E-Fit Connect to follow these different protocols safely and efficiently. It has better battery usage while less effect on the surrounding radio frequencies. The system automatically deactivates the unutilized connection technology to save up energy.

Cloud-Based Training Management System

Our cloud-based training system offers mobility, flexibility, and better accessibility for everyone who wants to be a part of the E-Fit Connect community.

Easy access and an intuitive menu help all users to set up the most suitable training program for their workout. Create a profile, build your online training plan, and save your favorite settings for the next time.

You can select from our dozens of training programs and instructional videos or experiment freely and build a training program from scratch for yourself.

Long life Battery & Easy Access

E-Fit Connect has longer battery life and can operate up to ~4,5 hours after fully charged, thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology that aims to reduce energy usage. Compared to the older versions, this technology provides reduced power consumption while four times greater range and two times faster speed.


IST Pro is the latest development of the patented IST technology that holds all the benefits of its predecessor and more. IST Pro creates a deeper and more effective muscle contraction in comparison to the earlier version. It generates a more complete and even better sensation and has further improved physiological patterns. This unique method shifts the respective impulses between channels in time, so the human body is stimulated in only one spot at any given moment in a subtle way.


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